In the morning, you awaken greatly refreshed, each in physique and in spirit. For this outstanding food-drink acts to restore your nerves and tissues as you sleep. And significantly increases your capacity to recover from fatigue.

How It Induces Sleep Healthcare opinion now attributes most sleeplessness to these three factors:-(1) blood-congested brain cells (2) digestive unrest (3) nervous irritability . Ovaltine has the energy to combat all three. Initially: When taken as a before-bedtime drink produced with warm milk, it tends to draw excess blood in the capillaries with the brain. Hence reducing mental over-activity-"conditioning" the thoughts for sleep. Second: Ovaltine consists of in higher proportion a distinctive food home named diastase -a property recognized for its ability to digest the starch content of other foods routinely taken in to the stomach. As a result possessing the power to lighten digestive burdens and enable the stomach "rest."

Third: Also notable amongst the constituents of Ovaltine is calcium. And it's increasingly realized that a proper calcium metabolism is essential to prevent nerve irritation. Phosphorus-an significant part of nerve and brain cells-is richly supplied in Ovaltine, also .

Thus, a cup of Ovaltine at bedtime not just promotes relaxation and combats digestive unrest but additionally acts remarkably to overcome sleeplessness resulting from irritated nerves.

See for Oneself From tonight on, say "goodbye" to sleeplessness. Get acquainted with Ovaltine- see how soon you unwind and fall asleep.

More important-as you continue to take Ovaltine best rolex fakes , note how swiftly you fall asleep each night. Note how resistance to fatigue is constructed up-what lasting energy you obtain.

'Phone your druggist or grocer for any tin of Ovaltine tonight. Try it-and see for oneself.

NOTE: A large number of nervous individuals, men and women, are utilizing Ovaltine to restore vitality when fatigued. During the World War, medical authorities produced it a standard ration for invalid, nerve-shattered soldiers. It's also very recommended by physicians for nervous, underweight kids - and as a strengthening meals for nursing mothers, convalescents, and also the aged.

The Swiss Food - Drink

Manufactured, under license inside the U. S. A. in accordance with the original Swiss formula

CANT SLEEP? (Oct, fake rolex watches 1932)


Try This Natural, Drugless Way

Quiet Nerves -All-Day Energy Tomorrow

ARE you one of those fortunate individuals who drifts off to sleep nearly the moment your head touches the pillow? Or do you often lie awake and toss-and then pay for it inside a dozen distinct strategies next day? If you're one of the latter, you realize there's nothing extra nerve-wracking than a restless, sleepless evening. fake swiss watches But sleepless nights are now folly to endure swiss replica rolex watch , as a huge number of physicians will tell you. For Ovaltine-a delicious food-drink initially discovered in Switzerland-now brings you sleep a natural way, completely without having drugs. Deep refreshing sleep that speedily overtakes you as soon as you visit bed.

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